Refill or Transfer Prescriptions

New Prescriptions

If you receive a new prescription from a Kelsey-Seybold Clinic location with a pharmacy on-site, your doctor will electronically send that prescription to that pharmacy for you to pick up. Your doctor can also give you a printed copy to take to a retail pharmacy.

If you see a Kelsey-Seybold doctor at a location without a pharmacy, your doctor can send an electronic prescription to an outside, retail pharmacy or give you a printed prescription that you can take to a pharmacy yourself.

If you wish to receive the new medication by mail, complete a mail order request form.


We offer several easy and convenient ways for you to refill your prescription medications.

    • To request a refill online, use your MyKelseyOnline account to request refills.
    • You can use our secure online refill service for Kelsey-Seybold pharmacy refills.
    • You can also refill most of your prescription at a Kelsey-Seybold pharmacy by:
      1. Calling the pharmacy telephone number printed on your prescription label.
      2. Entering the nine numbers after the RX#, including the first seven and the two numbers after the dash. Do not enter the dash.
      3. Finish by pressing #.
    • Stop by any Kelsey-Seybold Clinic pharmacy location.
    • Stop by or call your network pharmacy.

Please note: Maintenance medications – medications that you take on a long-term basis – must be refilled at a Kelsey-Seybold Clinic pharmacy location or through mail order.

Transfer Prescriptions

If you need to transfer a prescription to a new pharmacy, call or drop by the new pharmacy during regular business hours and give them all your information, including the names of your medications and your doctors' names. The new pharmacy will contact your old pharmacy to get the required information. Allow approximately 24 hours for your prescriptions to transfer.

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